Tips and techniques

Discover new techniques to create with Color Line
  • Screenprinting


    Watch our new video tutorial: Screenprinting with a UV Sensitive Screen. Follow us : 

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  • Firing red

    Firing red

    Here is a more detailed description on how we get the best results when firing…

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  • Working with red

    Working with red

    The red in vitreous products is known for its special character. It has always been…

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  • Exploring Shades with Mix White

    Exploring Shades with Mix White

    Color Line Paints offer the maximum of colour mixes you can imagine. All colours mix…

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  • Fine tip line drawing

    Fine tip line drawing

    Best worked directly from the bottle, you can achieve perfect line drawing or hand writing…

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  • Brush Stroke

    Brush Stroke

    This is a ready to use product for painting on glass. The density and consistency…

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  • Air brush

    Air brush

    The paint consistency in the bottle is suitable for airbrushing with the addition of about…

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  • Silk Screen Printing

    Silk Screen Printing

    The extremely high pigmentation of the Color Line Paints is ideal for screen printing. However,…

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  • Paint Inlay

    Paint Inlay

    After engraving or sandblasting a glass surface to your specific depth, fill the deep areas…

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  • Stamping


    Do you remember stamp printing onto paper as a child? Now you can do it…

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