Exploring Shades with Mix White

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Color Line Paints offer the maximum of colour mixes you can imagine. All colours mix freely, meaning you will not have unexpected reactions between specific colours as you might have with some other glass enamels. In many cases, the result of a two colour mix can literally be guessed, but there are also some surprises to reckon with, and some shades are really hard to obtain.

We encourage you to experiment with small amounts of paint and take note of the volumes or weights you mix and to always document the fired result. If not, it is hard to back track what the ingredients were.

In our studio, we have run tests with the 18 ORIGINALS and also a few of the colours from the Creative Series, mixed with different ratios of the Mix White. We chose the Mix White instead of the normal White 128, because its properties are better suited for brightening a colour and also on account of its lower cost. In this test we started out with the pure colour and kept adding Mix White at different ratios. The shades we obtained got lighter and lighter - as you would expect - but not to the extent we had anticipated. To get really pale shades of a specific colour - and this was especially true for the darker shades - we had to add a lot of the Mix White.

We have mixed the colour with Mix White in 5 different ratios as shown in the table below. The number of new shades you obtain is amazing. If you have our 18 ORIGINALS colour set and an extra bottle of Mix White, you can already create over 90 shades, just following our mixing instructions.

Just imagine the range you can have by starting out with your own colour mixes and then brightening these with Mix White.

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